Wind farms have no significant environmental impact they say



An approved wind farm is ready to destroy pristine country landscapes for tens of miles in every direction with those red flashing warning lights all night long as the ocassionally spinning monster baby pacifier propeller hats on a stick that are the most disgusting thing the industrial REVOLUTION that keeps going in circles ever created.

They are being hosted by the town of Villanova in New York's Chataqua County.

Date FEIS Filed: turbine height increase, while an increase in turbine height was not approved by the Town of Hanover. In accordance with SEQRA, the potential environmental impacts associated with the Proposed Action were thoroughly identified and considered by the Town Board, and determined not to be significant or adverse, as described in a Negative Declaration Determination of Non-Significance issued August 8, 2018 ("Neg Dec"). The Neg Dec was challenged under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) Article 78 in a Petition filed September 7, 2018. On June 24, 2019 the State of New York Supreme Court issued a Decision ("Decision") that concluded that the Neg Dec should be "returned" to the Town Board to further consider "the effect that the increase in height of the turbines could have on the Bald Eagle population which was mentioned in the [Project's] 2016 SEIS ... , and ... the potential environmental impact in the area where the [5 miles of additional electrical collection] lines were to be installed.

No significant impact?

If carbon dioxide has no significant impact on climate as we have proven here, here, and here, why are we building these ugly things to cut carbon dioxide emissions which have NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT?

The answer is simple. First we have been repeated this lie that we need them so many times so cunningly for so many years now through so many mediums we now believe it and thus with everyone climbing over each other to be the most important champion of the climate universe of too many super heros. Next we are being fed this lie by those who profit from it.

Carbon dioxide has no significant impact on the environment, thus, any industrial mechanical machine that is being built to deal with such impact is not needed. In fact such mechanisms being built and maintained and eventually left to rot where a small town can be left to pick up the bill as what happened for for Kingston, Massachussettes having to pay for the electricity (from the fossil fueled grid no less) to keep the red lights flashing and the other internal energy drawing systems powered and pay for removing them when a wind farm company goes out of business. The town is owed a whopping $600,000 for ONE TURBINE.

These wind farms waste energy. These things all need to be stopped.

Wind farms have a great impact on quality of life and merely feed energy portfolios with our energy. Wall Street financiers all of whom the public raged against in the economic collapse of 2008 - 2016 (yet are all giddy for now with dark puke green energy schemes) all keep making gobs of our energy from these ugly pacifiers that the public sucks on to feel good about energy production but it's all a big giant baby scam to get your money sitting in those subsidy accounts. All of these monies could be more efficiently used for roads, bridges, homeless shelters, even pencils for students and better schools and senior centers.



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